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Paintless dent repair is a very effective dent removal technique that must be mastered by a skilled technician. When you bring your dented car to Anderson Dent & Detail, our experienced technicians will remove door dings and small dents from the finish of your vehicle without having to repaint it. With fast services, your car will be ready to take home in just one day. You can save money when you use this $5 off coupon.

Fix all your small dents in no time

Along with providing reliable paintless dent repair services, we also offer paintless dent removal training. Classes begin every spring and fall. Call today to learn more.

• Door jambs and motor washed

• Car pressure-washed

• Clay-pac for the exterior

• Interior shampooed, spot-cleaned,

 and scrubbed

• Leather deep-conditioned

• Plastics dressed

• Glass cleaned and interior


• Save with this $5 off coupon

Enjoy exceptional auto detailing services:

If you're tired of driving a scratched car, we can help. Most scratches can be wet sanded and buffed out and for the scratches that are too deep, we'll fill in the scratches with top-quality factory touchup paint. If you want to save money on your scratch repairs and paint touchups, you won't want to miss this $5 off coupon. To see what we can do for your car, take a look at our before and after photo gallery today.

Get rid of your unsightly scratches

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We specialize in hail repair! Get complete repair from hail damage at Anderson Dent & Detail. We work with all insurance companies.  Single person or dealership, we can fix dents caused by hail, without having to repaint.

Got hail damage?

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